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AutomotiveFour inch woofers and 1/2 inch tweeters give the perfectly engineered Kicker IK350 the power and energy your music needs to play clearly and precisely. Whilst the 4.5 inch subwoofers work accurately on the production of bass, creating the high quality deep and dynamic sounds of bass which the audio experts are well known for. Power is no problem with this unit, as a specially created amp powers this dock, making sure the dock gets the power it needs, and no less or more. • Connect them into the new cabling straps and plug it to the new one. The SPL systems focus more on the sound level. They produce very loud volumes especially at lower frequencies. They are designed to use lots of power, many speakers and enclosed spaces to concentrate all the sound so as to produce very loud and quality sound.

However, if your audio set up was just meant for just a simple and routine sound fix like listening to the radio while driving to work, listening to radio programs, listening to news stations or talk shows and playing music just for your personal enjoyment, then the proper sound system is already installed by the car manufacturers most of the time. If you do feel like you sound system is too old and definitely needs a replacement, then try to look for smaller components. Smaller speakers that are new can definitely make a huge difference in your old or preinstalled system since most of the time they are poorly made or are made up of cheap materials. Larger subwoofers give great quality to the lower notes, but one way to get high quality sound on even the higher notes is to pair the larger woofers, for example the 18″ subs, with smaller woofers, like an 8″. This can give a brilliant quality to the whole range of the music you’re listening to.

Materials: Likewise, the materials used to make a speaker DO have an impact on the sound quality they produce. As noted in the above point, speaker designers and manufacturers make it their business to build the best speakers possible, so you can bet that they’re using top-of-the-line materials to do so. For more years then I can recollect, I’ve been associated with car audio. Though the car companies have really enhanced their stock sound in recent times, they nonetheless aren’t able to reach the quality made available by after market car audio equipment. Over the years, one topic which is constantly discussed is what are the best car speakers in the marketplace. Honestly speaking, it is obvious that the answer is purely subjective and according to one’s relationship with a particular car speaker brand.

Always consider the different aspects of the amplifiers. There are bridgeable amplifiers that allow a pair of channels to be combined to make one channel of a greater power. These bridgeable amplifiers are usually used to power sub woofers. Then you have the crossover, the channels, the power output and even the distortion levels, all of which add to the overall quality and efficiency of the amplifier that you choose. * MP3 player docks/integration If you want to add a car audio system to your vehicle, then getting help from professional installation experts is essential. Installing these mobile audio and video systems on your own can be nearly impossible, especially if you don’t have any experience with this type of work. If you want these accessories to be ready by the time your next road trip rolls around, then getting help from car audio installation professionals is the right move. Find a good mobile audio and video shop that you can trust, and get these great accessories added to your car as soon as possible.

Entertainment–With the advent of mobile electronics, you never have to be bored during your commute, on a car trip, or stuck in a traffic jam again. Once a rarity, mobile video has exploded in popularity because of the clear picture, crisp sound, and the sheer convenience of being able to pop in your kids’ favorite movie. Your local mobile electronics expert can install screens and car DVD players in many different mounting positions in your vehicle and even offers accessories such as built-in video game systems and remote controls. Global Positioning Systems are another example of useful technology that not everyone has gotten on board with. Even as prices for car GPS units become more and more affordable, there are still those few holdouts who prefer using maps or written driving directions. For the transportation industry, delivery services, and families that do a lot of traveling, GPS navigation systems have become an indispensable fixture. GPS tracking for fleet vehicles has also helped businesses, government agencies, and transportation departments improve efficiency and fleet management.

Driving can be truly pleasant like never before.

If you are seeking better sound quality for your yacht, boat, or even Jet Ski, calling a local car and marine audio company is the wise choice to getting the floating sound system you need. Consulting with experienced staff at your local audio video shop, you can obtain estimates for the cost of the equipment you are seeking and guidance on everything from the multitude of brands available to the difference between waterproof and splash-resistant equipment. Reviews on Alpine car audio system is given that will help you to understand and purchase one of the best Alpine sound systems for your car. After making proper plan about buying this device the third thing that matters is the appearance of this device. Always try to buy those one that are not so complicated and they come along with lucid display.

You know the car has all the bells and whistles.

So where is the ideal location for your car audio speakers? Much like when you go to setup surround sound in your home, you want the speakers to be an equal distance apart. Those speakers in front of you being all the way across the room while the back ones are right at your ears will only allow you to hear those closest to you. Those in front of you are typically drowned out and you do not get the true feeling of surround sound. The same problem applies in factory installation of most car audio systems. The back speakers are so far in the back and the ones on the dash are so close to you the effect of getting good sound quality from all the speakers is almost impossible. Custom speaker placement typically moves those back speakers up to underneath the back seat. This will help with getting those speakers closer to an equal distance away from you.


As subwoofers, even amplifiers are placed either at the back or under the seats. Factory radios and OEM car stereos can sound mediocre at best. This will be for the reason that you must learn how many watts RMS the speakers and subs are equipped for. Our tastes and preferences in most things differ and this is also the same with car systems. The PND is advantageous on the price, portability, amusement and utility.

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